Zyso has a wide range of design seats, design cabinets, design lamps and other designer furniture and interior accessories.

Here you will find an impression of what we have to offer you. Do not hesitate to visit us or contact us for any questions.

Come past our showroom and test our furniture or design your new seat from one of our modular series along with one of our passionate employees.

Eettafel in massief OLM 240x100x78cm €͟1590,- Zeteltje Charl €͟149,- 4 verschillende kleuren -Green -Cognac -Blue -Anthracite

Seat Charles
€ ͟149, –
2 different colors
-Dark grey


Armchair ‘CLYD’

Zyso designzetels

Seat ‘BUZZ’


Seat ‘HE’

Zyso designzetels

Set ‘CI’ with detachable cover 365 × 243 € 4870 modular system, various sizes possible Armchair ‘CLYD’

Zyso designzetels

Leather chair
Solid well-dried French oak dining table with metal legs 280 × 100
Also personal size available on request

Zyso designzetels

Sofa “CI” with detachable cover 365 × 243  modular system, various sizes possible Armchair ‘CLYD’

Zetel ‘Carn’ Zetel op maat (diverse afmetingen en stoffen) zonder meerprijs! Stof is afneembaar. 3-zit met arms links : 180cm x 97cm €1079 Ligzetel rechts : 103cm x 165 : €1300. Opstelling van 283 x 165 cm : €2379

Sofa ‘Carn’ Customized seat (various sizes and fabrics)
Fabric is detachable.
3-seat with arms left: 180cm x 97cm
Seat right: 103cm x 165
Set of 283 x 165 cm

Zyso designzetels

Sofa ‘KDA’ 335 × 175 Available in various sizes and fabrics

Sofa ‘KDA’ 247 × 107 or 217 × 107  Also available in various cornersizes and fabrics

Zyso designzetels

Modular system KSA This setup measures 298 × 198  and is available in various sizes and fabrics

Zyso designzetels

Seat ‘Ele’ with detachable cover 353 × 166 modular system, various sizes possible

Zyso designzetels

Leather fauteil ‘How’
Seat ‘Buzz’ Tabac 286 × 96cm
Carpet available in following sizes:
200 × 290
240 × 340
230 × 155
140 × 200